The New European Eco Design Regulation


The new Eco Design – ERP label
The new way of rating the efficiency of air conditioners is presented in the new energy label, which contains information on the power, performance, annual consumption in cooling and heating, but also gives information about the noise level of the products.

    1. Brand
    2. Energy classification (class) in the cooling mode (A + + + the most efficient now)
    3. Refrigerant load (kW) (Pdesign)
    4. SEER: Seasonal energy efficiency in cooling, which is calculated as the ratio of the reported annual cooling, in KWh/year, to the annual electrical consumption in cooling, in KWh/year.
    5. Indicative annual energy consumption in cooling mode (kW/year)
    6. Indoor unit’s noise pressure level (dB)
    7. Outdoor unit’s noise pressure level (dB)
    8. Indoor and outdoor units model code
    9. Energy classification in heating *
    10. Thermal load (kW) *
    11. SCOP: Seasonal energy efficiency in heating. Calculated as the ratio of the specified annual heating required, in KWh/year, to the annual electrical consumption for the heating function, in KWh / year *
    12. Annual electrical consumption for heating (kW / year) *
    13. Map of Europe divided into 3 climate zones

* The heating mode is divided into three climate zones. SCOP energy class refers to the middle climate zone.